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Lion-o and Tygra and Romance, Oh My Ch2 2/2
“Wilykit!” Kagome called out as loud as she could, as she continued to walk blindly around in the forest. “Wilykat!” She paused, her ears lowering to her skull as she began to doubt. “Wilykit!” She has been calling and calling. “Wilykat!” Yet she has not received any answer, not a single purr or mew in response. “Wily…” She sighed, her shoulders slumping. “Kit…” She looked around, a small prickle of fear eating away at her. “Kat…?” Her voice was a soft whisper as she glanced around in the unknown forest. “Where are you?” She called, as if expecting an answer from the quiet forest. “Where am I…?”

Did they leave her? Why? She thought they were beginning to like her… She thought—
She sighed, feeling her mind becoming heavy. Now what is she going to do? S
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Lion-o and Tygra and Romance, Oh My Ch2 1/2
The sun was high in the sky, the light intruding into the room uninvited. The bright rays bathed the sleeping form that was resting in the room, still lying in bed.  A sound emanated in the room, a mix between a growl and a moan.
It was a cloudless, sunny day, and no curtains was placed on her window, so she did the only thing she could think of, and pulled the covers over her head as another feral noise escaped her throat in irritation.
“How long was I asleep?” She mumbled, her voice coming out raspy and horse from all the crying she did last night. “I can’t remember when I fell asleep…” She slowly opened her eyes, seeing the thin fabric surrounding her. She then peeked her head out from the covers, her ears popping up first, before her blue eyes scanned the room she was in. She paused, trying to remember where she was and what happened. Her mind was a fog as sleep still clouded her mind, and her ears gave a twitch in thought.
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Kid Goku Step-by-Step With Air Brush Tool by Shadowfoxmoon Kid Goku Step-by-Step With Air Brush Tool :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 2 3 Glaceon by Shadowfoxmoon Glaceon :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 39 4 Loveless by Shadowfoxmoon Loveless :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 34 7 Ouran Kiss: Mori X Kagome by Shadowfoxmoon Ouran Kiss: Mori X Kagome :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 132 45
*I don't own Inuyasha or Dragon Ball Z
It was suppose to be a nice day. He was going to play and have fun with his daddy's friends. But then this man, took him away and was so really really mean to him!
He was a real jerk!
And he is supposed to be his uncle?
He took him away from his daddy, and brought him here. Why? He didn't really understand.
The one day he took a break from his studies and this is what happens to him…
"I want my daddy~!" He continued to ball and cry his eyes out, large drops coming down his eyes as his throat started to become dry and horse from all the screaming he was doing.
"Shut up!" He roared out. "Damn brat!" He huffed, walking up to a large metal ball— Suddenly it made a loud hissing sound and split open, surprising him enough for him to stop momentarily in his crying. "Maybe some time out will do you some good—Give me some peace at least." He then casually threw him into the round container, as if he was som
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Lion-o and Tygra and Romance, Oh My Ch1
*I don't own Inuyasha or ThunderCats
Lion-O calmly strolled out of Cat's Lair, while giving a large yawn and stretching his arms above his head. Clicking his tongue, he shifted his shoulders up and down, before moving his head around. Reaching up he sighed as he gently rubbed the back of his neck, getting the sore kinks out of it, while looking up at the clear blue sky.
"Such a beautiful day, isn't it Snarf?" He smiled, looking down at his furry companion who was standing beside him.
"Snarf." He replied with nervousness. "Yes. The perfect day for something to go wrong, if you ask me. Snarf, Snarf."
"Don't be such a downer, Snarf." Lion-O gave another sigh in slight disappointment and looked back up at the sky. "What could possibly go wrong on such a lovely day--" His words were cut short, as a large pink flash lit up the area, over top of the forest.
Suddenly his fur was standing on end, as a chill went down his spine. But just as quickly as the event happened, the huge glow shrunk bac
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Spirit's Revenge
*I don't own Inuyasha or Bleach
Kagome looked down at the ground, a sigh escaping her pale lips. She glanced at the man who was walking beside her, down the broken dirt path. Like always, he was staring ahead with an indifferent expression adorning his face.
"Sesshomaru?" She called his name. He inclined his head, showing he was listening. "I haven't' been able to sense Miroku or Sango anymore…" Her voice faded, showing her worry. "Do you think those Masked Creatures got them?" She asked him.
"Those two are strong, for humans." He told her. "I'm sure they just passed on."
"You really think so?"  
"Shouldn't you be doing the same, instead of worrying about others?" He told her in his usual cold voice. "You can't linger in this world forever, Kagome."
She looked away from him, glancing down at the floor once more. She raised her hand and touched the chain that was hanging from her chest. It gave a rattle, before going back to thumping against her body in a soft rhythmic
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Lost At Sea
*I don't own Inuyasha or One Piece
Darkness, nothingness, that was all she could see, and all that was in her mind. A voice was penetrating her concentration every once in a while, to guide her in the right direction. She gave a disappointed sigh, and opened her eyes. She squinted from the sudden light of the sun, and looked down at her empty hands.
"It's not working Kaede…" It will never work.
"Because ye believe it won't." The older woman lectured her.
Kagome looked down at her empty hands, her legs were crossed, Indian style, while she sat comfortable on the grass in front of Kaede's hut. She glanced at the two swords that never left her side, laying on the grass innocently, her eyes becoming fogged with memories.
She didn't want to be weak… Not anymore.
"Why don't ye take a break?" Kaede gave a sigh, knowing the struggle she was going through.
"I want to try again." She didn't want to give up.
"That's thy spirit." The woman smiled, happy at her determination. Kagome close
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Lost At Sea Kagome by Shadowfoxmoon Lost At Sea Kagome :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 24 10 Fun 'N' Games at Ouran 1 by Shadowfoxmoon Fun 'N' Games at Ouran 1 :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 11 2 Leafeon by Shadowfoxmoon Leafeon :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 40 6 Umbreon by Shadowfoxmoon Umbreon :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 32 4 Espeon by Shadowfoxmoon Espeon :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 36 7 Limitless Potential by Shadowfoxmoon Limitless Potential :iconshadowfoxmoon:Shadowfoxmoon 65 12


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My book is finished! I'm now at the editing stage! I'm so excited!!! XD EEEEeeeeeee! *happy dance* 

If you would like to read the first chapter, click here! :…


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I'm just a regular woman, with a dog. Some days life does engulf me, and I'm too busy to do anything, while other times I'm bored out of my mind.

I write Fanfics, and I draw from time to time, whenever the mood takes me. In actuality, I’m a horrible speller, I wouldn’t be able to survive in the writing world without my life saving spellchecker.

Personal Quote: Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did creating it


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